PHS Photo Day

PHS School Administration, coaches, parents and students, thank you, we are committed to providing exceptional photos and services to you. We received so many compliments on our photos and specifically our our ease of professionalism and speediness of our photo delivery.

“You have brought a refreshing fresh and enjoyable photo day to PHS! Thank you.” Beth 

One of the greatest memories is High School sports and the photos created for them. Todays photo shoots are all done on the green screen which allows the highest level of ease with social distancing in mind. Team photos are being created from the induvial photos taken. During your photo shoot you, we have perfected the process and provide a safe no-touch process. All of our staff is following safety protocols and wearing masks for everyone safety.

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Photo Day Procedure

  • Order online or print your order form (orders placed after photo days have been processed are required to be mailed)
  • Printed order forms will be placed in the no-touch drop box. If there are issues regarding your photo order the Photo staff will contact you
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Follow directions
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of social distance
  • Wear your mask until told to remove it
  • The photographer will guide you with poses from 6-8 feet
  • Photo will be delivered to the school or a photo delivery day will be arranges with the coach. You also have the option to have the photos mailed to you (fee).

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Order Photo Package      Order Team/Club Photos     Order Player/Student Photos   Order Specialty Items   

Sport/Club Photo Packages

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CHOOSE YOUR PHOTO PACKAGE, please order ONE student per order, this will help eliminate any order delays. Make sure to add the students full name, club or team and their team level in the order checkout comments.

Photo Package PA, 1 5x7 Team Photo & 1 5x7, 8 Wallets of player

Photo Package PB, 1 8x10 Team Photo & 4 5x7, 8 Wallets, 1 Magnet of player

Photo Package PC, 1-8x10 Memory Mate (Individual & Team) & 4 5x7, 4 3.5x5, 1 Magnet, 16 Wallets of player

Photo Package PD, 1 8x10 Memory Mate Plaque, 1 8x10 Team Photo & 1 Magnet, 1 Photo Button, 4-5x7, 8 Wallets of player

Photo Package PE, 1 9x12 Plaque, 1 8x10 Team Photo & 1 Magnet, 1 Photo Button, 1 Magazine Cover, 1 8x10, 4 3.5x5, 4 5x7, 16 Wallets of player

Photo Package GR8 "The Dominator", 1 8x10 Team & 2 5x7, 8 Wallets, 2 Magnets, 1 VIVID Keychain, SP2 (Pano Photo)

Alterations of photo orders are not provided. If you need specific items, please use the ala carte order items.

Photo orders AFTER the photo day will be mailed, shipping will be added to your order, photo pick ups are not offered.

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