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Boudoir portraits are taken in our Rohnert Park studio located near SSU, clients are always allowed to bring a friend for appointments. Clients may choose their location or a quality hotel, such as the Doubletree or Vineyard Creek Hyatt for portraits (a location fee may be required).

Boudoir Sessions –  First Class sessions and First Class privacy

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The husband and wife team at Paul Murphy Photography bring you the most a session can offer, all the while, your concerns, requests and ideas are taken with the utmost professionalism and care.

Paul and Tawnya bring the ultimate session to people in the ultimate way…. the master of lighting and the art designer.

 tawnya       Tawnya is the art designer in the photo sessions and takes care to create the arrangements that are sure to be flattering and comfortable. Tawnya brings the comfort of a woman, can arrange the shot and then allow Paul to complete the design with the masterful lighting need to showcase the portrait.


PaulMurphyGoogleEMAIL Paul is a true professional and understands how lighting will accentuate the poses created. All of the lighting used is ideal for the portrait created…. soft light will accentuate the portrait in an ideal way. Dramatic lighting will add to an artistic fine art image.

The location of the portraits is relative the clients needs. While we do offer a comfortable indoor portrait studio to create the tastefully arranged images, sessions are also take place in the home for the ultimate comfort to the client. In addition, it is very common to arrange a photo shoot in on local higher end hotel, this lends a finished, very clean look and incredible images. While the sessions are designed and created with Paul and Tawnya, there are situations that will require Tawnya to shoot the session alone. These sessions come with a higher rate.

Feeling Secure

It is incredibly important that you feel comfortable and are assured the session, the images and your feelings are taken with the utmost care. As a male photographer, Paul understands, by discussing and listening, the concerns women have about being in front of the camera with a man. This is why, we have arranged the sessions incorporate Tawnya as the art designer. Tawnya takes every sessions with the goal of arranging people in incredibly comfortable and complimentary poses. In sensitive situations, Paul will step out of the room to allow the pose to be refined and created, and then back in to complete the lighting arrangement. By combining the sensitivity and professionalism of Tawnya, each sessions has incredible results and look amazing with Paul’s experience and the master of lighting.

You Deserve Great Images

We understand how difficult it can be to be in front of the camera with a full outfit on and the challenges of being in front of the camera in lingerie or less. No matter what the type, the style and results are unanimous, the images should be as great as possible, showcasing the positives.

Retouching & Sculpting

It is not common for the images we provide to leave untouched. Skin blending is the most common on all portraits and done to have the images look amazing. We want smooth, sleek skin in the finished portraits. Facial retouching is offered in a few levels, lite to porcelain. We also when the eyes and teeth. Body Sculpting. Remember, these portraits should look amazing. There are times when Hollywood takes over and legs and arms are slimmed to enhance the finished product. Just like in Hollywood, not everything you see is real!

Digital Images & Prints

Digital images are offered in a variety of resolutions. A common use of images is on phone galleries to show off to close friends and antiquates. This use allows you to regulate who and when the images are shared. Phone images start at $10 without artwork! We use a professional lab that is dedicated to serving professional photographers. All of our photo orders are created by professionals and are handled with the utmost care. Rest assured, your images will not end up in the wrong hands. Prints are created to showcase great skin tones and are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

A Woman Photographer

There may be situations where you want just a woman to be in the room for the session, this is always an option and we do have special pricing for you. So yes, we can have this arranged, feel free to inquire how much more this would add to the session. While Paul is the studio lighting professional, and Tawnya is great with the clients and posing, offering a woman photographer brings on additional costs and may not offer the full benefits of the session.

Who, What, Where, When

Boudoir portrait sessions are tastefully created, taking every consideration, idea and concept into consideration BEFORE the session ever takes place. These portrait sessions are a gift to yourself or significant other and geared towards a relaxed comfortable session. Just like a woman goes to a male doctor, there may be a moment of self conciseness, awareness, but as the session begins to flow, the poses become a little more relaxed and the lights become an enjoyable distraction, the art, care and related feel take over and things are ok. Bring a friend… always. Sometimes a friend that you know can lend a sense of confidence or ease. A guest is always invited. Photos shoots are taken in the home, studio setting and on location on photo days in upscale hotel rooms. In general, a session will never be scheduled unless there is a female photographic assistant available. Ask about availability.

Hair and Makeup

Photo shoots are arranged for clients to create amazing portraits, hair and makeup is offered at some of the events we host, and may always been per-arranged to have a stylist on site for you. When we provide hair and makeup, there is an additional cost and a professional will be provided. Without the hair and makeup option add to a package, please arrive ready to be photographed and light touch ups may be done. Clothing is left to the your imagination, for a variety of reasons, we do not provide outfits. The typical session is about 1 hour and a few outfit changes may be made; this depends on the time allowed and needed for the creation of each arrangement. If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us at 707-579-7907 or emailing us. Hair and makeup must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance and the a non-refundable retainer must be made.  Contact us today