Coast Guard

We are so honored to be a part of The Chief Petty Officers Academy (CPOA), and the opportunity to meet all of the brave men, women, and their families that sacrifice so much for our country, our freedom, and our protection.

The first CPOA graduation we photographed was in the spring of 2006, and we have been photographing the graduations every 5 weeks since then. Our success is based on our commitment to provide a great, efficient service to the attendees, and our diligence in making sure every order is delivered to the purchaser. In fact, we have return clients take their portraits with family members and friends of different classes and enjoy the images we provide, and our quality.


CPOA Graduations images are online, and while it may be inconvenient that there is not a direct link, we do this to keep the images safe, and out of the hands of the general public. Please email us for the URL, replies are typically made within  hours.