Maternity Portraits

The feeling after the maternity session is that of satisfaction; knowing that this special time has been preserved, and the mother looks her best. The feeling after the child is born, is filled with the joy knowing that the right thing was done, and the photos, and memories will last a lifetime.

Your pregnancy is a special time, whether it is your first child or your fourth child. We can help you create a photographic memory of this special time!

We create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for your session. We can have the session in our studio, or at the location of your choice, wherever you feel most comfortable. We have photographed maternity sessions in gardens, urban settings, homes, or at our studio. We make your session work in any environment you choose and we try to make your imagination come through in the photograph.

When is the best time for these photos?– Do not wait too long!  Come in for an appointment when you are feeling your best. Most clients find that the 7th month works well for them. Do not wait too long, early deliveries do happen.

Let us help you plan your portraits; we look forward to helping you create a lasting memory.


This portrait sessions is 100% tailored to you and your ideas. And, with our easy going, professional style with a clear focus on great images, sessions range $75 to $300.


To get the most of the session you are looking for, call us. We are glad to provide a relaxed session, whether at the beach, the park, the hills or the studio... we will get great images!